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How we walked to Mars in 50 days!

How we walked to Mars in 50 days!

Xplora was founded with a mission to give children a safe onboarding to the digital life and a better balance between screen time and physical activity.

During this summer, nearly 12,000 kids—and some parents—helped us walk the distance from Earth to Mars! That is one crazy achievement you all should be very proud of. With a few elements of gamification, our little astronauts from Xplora reached Mars in 50 days. We had planned for 65 days, so I guess we underestimated how active you kids are!

The Xplora activity platform encourages children to stay active and take part in physical activities offline. Stay active and earn Xplora coins that can be redeemed online through our gaming platform, Goplay.

You can check out the platform here:

Campaign subscribers: 11,861Kids love to Xplore outer space and the mysterious life far far away from home. Instead of launching a spaceship, we encouraged the Xplora family to join us on this mission and walk to Mars.

It turned out to be our best challenge yet! Over 70 million kilometers traveled on our virtual trip—and not once did we hit an asteroid or crash into another planet! Now that’s what we would call a successful journey!

Congratulations to everyone, and stay tuned for another adventure together.

Who knows, maybe the next one is just around the corner...?

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