Find out everything your children learn at school... by playing!

The return to school in the fall is always a new beginning. And what better way is there to start a new adventure than having fun with your classmates?

Play is a fundamental part of children's growth and development, but do we know everything our children learn through play? 

  1. They learn to relate and interact with their classmates in a more structured way
  2. They will develop and improve their motor and psychomotor activities
  3. By learning and following rules they will refine the cognitive part of their brain
  4. They will enjoy the mental well-being of being together with their peers
  5. They will understand that a sedentary life in front of the TV is much less fun than playing with friends

And all this thanks to play!

Ultimately, going back to school is not just the end of the holidays—it's a way to put a smile on your face again while having fun and learning new things.

Wearing an Xplora smartwatch will also motivate your children to play and move a little more!


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