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10 fun summer activities for kids

10 fun summer activities for kids

Here are 10 fun activities to enjoy with the family this summer!


We wish a warm welcome to a July full of sun, bright evenings, swimming, and everything else that comes along with summer! This summer may also be a little different for many of us, and many families will choose to spend their summer holidays in our beautiful Norway–and a lot of time will be spent at home. So, a summer "bucket list" is quite nice to have when you are going to be together for several weeks during the holidays. 

Let yourself be inspired by our 10 tips for fun activities the kids and family can enjoy together this summer! 

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You can do many activities with kids during the summer holidays, without costing too much or having to travel too far. 

To get the most out of your summer vacation, we have created a list of 10 fun activities for both young and old. Read on and be inspired!

  1. Explore a new playground
    There is a reason we keep going back to our favourite spot like it is the best one. But how about playing adventurer for a day and go to one you never been to before? Who knows - maybe your kids will get a new favourite one. 

  2. Have a picnic
    Make your favourite sandwiches and go to a nearby park for lunch. Or even better - let the kids make them?!

  3. Water balloon fight
    When the nice summer days hit - this is a great way to cool down. And speaking as an adult - fun for both us and the kids!

  4. Blow soap bubbles with watercolors against blank sheets

  5. Pick up trash at the beach
    What is so great about the kids growing up now is that they care so much about the environment and the world around them. For your next family walk, go to the beach and pick up trash. How about making it a challenge - who picks up the most?

  6. Make jewelry
    A great way to get the creativity flowing on those rainy days. 

  7. Run in the rain
    Do you remember doing this as a kid when it was pouring outside? Hands down, nothing else makes you feel freer - even now as an adult

  8. Camp in the yard
    Get out your camping gear and make the best camping spot ever. Bring out nice lights, blankets, books, and board games - and of course s’mores! 

  9. Jump rope contest
    Who can do the most consecutive jumps? 

  10. Learn a TikTok dance
    We all know by now that Tik Tok is here to stay. So how about joining in on the dances and show your kids that they are not the only ones with the moves?

Now you have a list of 10 great activities for children that you can choose from this summer. Pick and mix as desired! And feel free to tag us in photos from any of the activities, we love to see it!

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Remember to remind your kids to put on their Xplora smartwatch this summer so you can easily have contact with them when they are out on their own adventures and exploring the world!

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We wish you all a great day and week ahead! 

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