Oct 12, 2021

#2 - Ciara Zelmerlöw & Dr. Capanna-Hodge

We see our world revolves more and more around screens and technology. Getting your kids away from the tablet and out and playing, is a challenge most parents are familiar with these days. Tune in and listen to our CEO and father of four, Sten Kirkbak, discuss the subject with Dr. Capanna-Hodge - a leader in children’s mental health and Ciara Janson Zelmerlöw, mother of two, actress and voiceover artist.

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Oct 04, 2021

#1 - Paula Radcliffe & Dr. Roseann Capana-Hodge

Children, now more than ever, are less active and with the effects of the pandemic also having an impact we want to change this. Listen to our CEO and father of four, Sten Kirkbak discuss the subject with child physiologist Dr. Capanna-Hodge and former world record holder in the marathon and mum of two, Paula Radcliffe MBE.

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