Your Child's First Phone

Discover the world of Xplora, where children's safety and connectivity come together in innovative smartwatches for kids - a secure alternative to smartphones, packed with features. Xplora - trusted by parents and loved by kids!

  • Phone Calls & Voice Messages
  • GPS & Step Counter
  • SOS Button
  • 5MP Camera
  • Xplora Activity Platform for Health & Fun
  • Parental Control with the Xplora App
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Call & send messages
to your loved ones

With its innovative calling function, children can easily reach out to their pre-approved contacts. Use voice messages, emojis and chat to efficiently communicate with each other, and make every day life for your family so much easier and safer!


Keep track of your child
with GPS & Safe Zones

With the advanced GPS function, parents can effortlessly track their child's real-time location, ensuring their well-being and granting peace of mind. Easily set up safety zones where your child can roam free and experience the small wonders of the world!

Activity Platform

Kids walk 2.5x more
with our Activity Platform

With our award-winning activity platform kids are encouraged, motivated and rewarded just by being an active child! For every one thousand step they take, they will earn an Xplora coin that can be used on fun and educational age-appropriate content!


Why choose Xplora?

Xplora is a kid's smartwatch that doubles as their first phone. Two million parents worldwide now trust Xplora as their everyday companion. Our smartwatches are tailored for safety, removing inappropriate content and unnecessary features found in regular smartphones. Stay connected with your child through our smart parenting app, managing contacts, utilizing GPS with safe zones, and activating school mode for focused learning. With Xplora, parents maintain control while giving children more freedom and independence. Simplify and secure your daily life with Xplora.