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12 relatable situations when parenting siblings

12 relatable situations when parenting siblings

The more the merrier, but we all know that sometimes there can be too many cooks in the kitchen. We know the joys of parenting siblings—seeing the love they have for each other, watching them play together and take care of each other. Well, that is at least the idea, but as parents, we also know the other side of things. Siblings are not always the best of friends and I think we can all relate when we say that some days it can feel impossible for everyone to get along. But there is one thing that is for certain, sibling love is unconditional. 

We are now launching a sibling discount - when you purchase two or more smartwatches you save $40. And to celebrate we have collected some of our favourite relatable situations from parents of siblings. Do any of these situations sound familiar? We are sure you can relate to at least one!


Making sure everything is equal is essential to keeping the peace. Use code “sibling” to get $40 off when purchasing two or more smartwatches.

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