Extended warranty for a broken screen

Extended warranty for a broken screen

Warranty for a broken screen - the following is included:
- New product of equal or better specification
- No deductible
- No deduction for age of the product
- Applies worldwide

In case of damage, this is what you do:
1. Register the damage by contacting us at https://support.xplora.com/hc/en-ca/requests/new.
2. We will assess the damage, and if it falls under the terms of this extended warranty, you will receive a new Xplora Smartwatch of the same or newer model.
3. Your new product will be delivered to you by post.

TERMS OF SERVICE “Extended warranty for a broken screen"

Valid from 01.01.2022

1. Which product is covered by the agreement?
The service can only be subscribed to with the purchase of Xplora devices through our website. It only applies to the product indicated on the receipt and upon providing Xplora with the IMEI of the watch within 7 days after the product has been received.

2. To whom does the agreement apply?
The agreement applies to the original buyer of the Xplora product, or for another person who later bought the product within the extended warranty period.

3. Where does the agreement apply?
The agreement applies worldwide. The replacement product is provided to the country where the product was purchased.

4. When does the agreement apply and how long is it valid?
The agreement is valid from the subscription date, i.e. the date the IMEI nr is provided back to Xplora. The validity is 1 year (365 days).

5. The agreement includes
The agreement covers a broken screen with the exception of intentional damage.

6. Deductible
There is no deductible toward a covered claim.

7. Gross negligence and intent
The Xplora product should be used, treated and stored with reasonable care, to avoid damages to the extent possible. Damages to the product resulting from gross negligence and or wilful misuse are not covered.

8. Replacement Product
The replacement product will be provided in the form of an identical product or, if such a product cannot be obtained, a product of similar specifications as the damaged product.

The remaining agreement period will be transferred to the new product. No deduction is made for depreciation due to age and use. No cash compensation is provided. The product can be replaced once - 1 - time during the period of the agreement.