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Footprints - Looking back on 2021 and into 2022

Footprints - Looking back on 2021 and into 2022

Throughout 2021, Xplora has contributed to increasing physical activity and creating a safe environment for children. Despite a year in which the world has dealt with closures and insecurity, the Xplora community has mobilized to have record-high activity in our Goplay campaigns—campaigns aimed to motivate children to increase physical activity, development, and play. Parents, you should be proud of that! 

We will launch more exciting products and innovative services this year—and we are celebrating five years as a company. You won't want to miss 2022 with us, as we are sure that we will have a lot of fun together throughout the year. Read and stay tuned; 2022 will be the year!


We want to briefly wrap up 2021 and then tell you what exciting opportunities are to come in 2022. But first, happy New Year to you and yours! We hope that the holidays have been good, even though it may have been a little different for many of you. Let us hope that the new year will give us more of the "normal" back and that we can soon get together with all our near and dear ones whenever we want.

Thank you very much - and 10,158,979 bottles of clean water

We want to start by saying a big thank you to you. Thank you very much to you, our loyal customer, who knows us and our offers well. Many thanks to you, our brand new Xplora customers, who have a lot to explore from our "archive." Without you, we would not be able to achieve all the lofty goals we set for ourselves. With hundreds of thousands of children on the team, we will work together towards more incredible goals in 2022.

In 2021, Xplora kids helped supply 4,000 children with clean water for a year. Together with UNICEF Kid Power®, we gave the equivalent of 2 bottles of clean water for every 1,000 steps. In total, we managed to donate the equivalent of 10,158,979 bottles!

It has been inspiring and meaningful for us to encourage children to be active when many places like schools and playgrounds have been closed. We have invested a lot in this in the past year—and our users have really exceeded expectations, says CEO of Xplora, Sten Kirkbak.

We would also like to thank you, our digital friends, who follow us on social media. You, who use your time to leave likes and comments—and to you, who provide constructive feedback to us so we can always continue to improve. We value that highly. We hope you will continue with this positive trend in 2022, which will help lift us to new heights throughout the year. We need your opinion and your voice. After all, it is you and your children we are here for!

Social responsibility in focus

Through the award-winning activity platform, Goplay, Xplora has launched several campaigns where children could participate, compete and engage with important topics. Through the partnership with UNICEF Kid Power®, we have inspired children all over the world to donate clean water to children in need. In 2022, 10 million bottles of clean water will have ensured 4,000 children access to clean water for one year.

By signing up for the One Tree Planted campaign, children with Xplora's smartwatches have helped plant new trees—equivalent to an area the size of 21 football pitches—in areas ravaged by forest fires.

In 2021, Xplora helped contribute to several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our Goplay platform was also chosen to be a part of an important pilot project (Net Zero City) that will contribute to the UN's vision that 10,000 cities will be carbon neutral by 2030.

Our vision is that we can help change the world. Not only by motivating kids to reduce screen time and become more physically active, but also by inspiring children to help other children and use their activity for good. 

Over half a million families have Xplora

In January 2021, Xplora launched its premium model, the X5 Play. We also announced in Q3 that over 540,000 Xplora watches have been sold worldwide since our launch almost five years ago. In August 2021, we celebrated over 100,000 users in the Nordic region alone. Xplora is also the leading player in several of its main European markets and is currently available in 20 countries.

By the way, did you know that Xplora is now a telecom company? Earlier this year, we acquired our Nordic distributor and MVNO, Xplora Mobile. That means that most phones we sell in the Nordics come with our own SIM and mobile subscription, which gives our customers easier activation and a customized and optimal subscription. Simply, a better user experience overall.  

As a result of the acquisition of Xplora Mobile, we will also in 2022 roll out our own Xplora Connect (SIM) in the American and European markets, says Kirkbak. 

New services in 2022

2022 will be the most exciting and eventful year so far in the company's five-year journey. It all started with the founder losing his son at a shopping centre in Oslo, which became the background for a small technology start-up, to now be a listed and international company with nearly 100 employees.

This year, we will launch more new products and services than we have ever done before. We are working on new smartwatch models, and we will introduce more exciting Goplay campaigns, says Kirkbak.

2022 will be the year where Xplora will give everything to surpass itself—and will continue to ensure that your children and you, parents, will experience Xplora as a great resource in everyday life—with security, increased activity, development, discovery, and play as keywords.

Xplora Pay

One of our highly anticipated new services is Xplora Pay, a concept where Xplora's smartwatches will function as pocket money, savings, and even a bank card. Xplora Pay will open up a safe entrance for children to the world of money. We want to introduce "pocket money" in a new, clever and flexible way.

We want to help children learn the importance of setting up good savings routines through their first pocket money and savings service. There will be many innovative and exciting solutions for both children and parents, says a secretive Kirkbak.

By 2021, Xplora has become the leading supplier of smartwatches for children in the company's main markets. In 2022, we will work hard for further growth and innovation.

In a time that has been marked by uncertainty and job loss, we are extra proud to have increased the team from about 40 to almost 100 people, says Kirkbak.

Safe technology for children in an unpredictable time

We recognise that the world is more vulnerable given the global pandemic, and maintaining contact with loved ones has become even more important—particularly for children. We take this seriously.

The world is thus becoming more digital, whether we like it or not. Technology can be a great resource for society if it is implemented and used correctly. At Xplora, we are concerned with adapting our technology to the best interests of children and parents. This may be more important in 2022 than ever—when the world is unpredictable—then we need technology that is solid, secure, and predictable. And these are the pillars of all that we do; our vision is to provide a safe entrance to the digital world, for both kids and parents. We want the whole family to experience an increased quality of life with Xplora. 

We look forward to a bright 2022 together!

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